Woooooo; i just joined

I just joined wordpress when i have an essay due. *just 4 more pages*

who cares; a person needs relaxing time ,ehh ?


*how do you workk this thing??*

what do i do….in this website…


So ive been reading Anne Frank’s Diary and i thought it might be exciting to copy her. but wat war IS this???


I’m sleepy. yes. 9:23 pm. and i call that sleep time.hehe. im weird.

the icecream truck didnt come today…. so i didnt get a chance to buy candy *awww shucks* i can’t live without candy.

oh wait. i forgot to do something  for valerie. i need to write her questions. most of them are “would you rather”

but i’ll make them hard. and i just turned 13. woohoo

and i still need to do the page full of “hard” questions for her. luis,walter,andy… heh. same people.good night

i just love the feeling of holding back that smile evryday. I’d miss valerie when i get to high school.maybe a vampire would come and get me. who knows? p.s i miss 7th grade also.

I should type with capitals. Makes me look smarter. Laugh out Loud.


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