November 18 2009

So I gave valerie some really gross questions. Im going to write her more! I want to rreeeeaally go watch new moon. i need to tell my mom. but i dont want to go there with HER! What if she complains about how pg13 it is???  *ahh she really brightens my day. So, the guy i was trying to “stalk” is in Val’s P.E. class. And I Never Knew. Ugh . Well didnt I say that i was going to give up on tracking him down? I know, I’m more than weird. Wooo New Moon,….

So yeah there had been alot of fights going around in this Nightingale M.S. , so freakin dean thought that we might :learn” something from this program called SECOND STEP. Oh how i hate doing second step. Oh yeah, i still need to do my report, haha. Well I got switched to another science class, Mr.Carillo’s 8th grade science, but that was a week ago news,NO.., it wasnt a honors class. But i consider myself smart.

First Period

yes, I’m Going To Write Everything  That happens to Me Like Anne.

But, right now, all i can think of is how itchy my head is. OMG. So Guiterrez showed us a pop-up film, about a sudden rocking shair and a sudden pop-up ghost that screamed and giselle screamed like we were all going to die. We should have listened to it with higher volume. But i had already watched the dam pop up movie. lol. Guiterrez is a cool teacher

Second Period

CARILLO!! He’s a weird teacher. And Karen and Virginia laughed at that. *sigh* all we’re still learning about are interactions and forces, we had a quiz today. o.o And he ate a churro from the trashcan. He gave oscar a dollar for improving his grade so significantly. HAh. He’s funny also. And, yesh, he still owes vanessa chocolate. The whole class is dumb… no doubt.

to be continued after i watch the movie.


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