This just makes me upset.

There’s two types of cries. The happy one, and the mad one.

You don’t cry because you’re sad.

But after a while, you forget all the hurt you’ve been through today.

Then they hurt you the next day and you cry.

You don’t cry because you’re all sensitive.

Everyone lets it out .

And people only think they are crying because they’re so happy. No.

It’s because they’re upset.People let it allllll out when they have the chance.

That feel in your throat, the first punch you get when you start sobbing.

That first punch hurts the most. Then when you go home and cry in your bed and feel so much as to rip your pillow in half, you just can’t.



What’s so horrible about my life?


I hate Jessica.

She’s horrid.

She’s same as a puny six-grader getting into a fight with a mature eighth grader.

Omg.Heaven knows she’s 14 years old and she still behaves like “oh, im jealous, so i have the authority to hit you.”

Hey, her punches hurt.

Everything she says makes me feel bad.

Everything i say gets it even worse.

Everytime i hit her it gets worse.

She’s a fat glob of blob. Of course it doesn’t hurt. What are my throws to her?

I’m weak, I’m little. I can’t handle anything.I admit it.

If only she would stop using her fckn hands!

I mean, what could a fat person do? It’s in her genes, to be shorter and waaaaay fatter than me.

Sometimes It’s like she’s not joking.At all.

“Just stop pushing me and I’m ok.”

I consider this bullying. Do i feel suicidal because of this? Yesh. The 13 year old is majorly offended and wants to kill herself.

i dont mind. because, this is already hell to me.


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