Lets start with the good news first.

-i HAVEN’T SEEN JESSICA ALL DAY! Well at least she didn’t bother me. But i managed to stay laughing.

-I have someone else to “bully


i dont know if this is good or bad.

1. Evelyn likes the dude Valerie “hates”

2.Valerie might be liking Luis, the guy that Evelyn likes.

3.Valerie – only “hates” him bcuz he says her hair is pretty and plays with her hair and they see each other every day…

4.Hahahaha. Once i say it, It does sounds like Luis likes Val, doesnt it?

5.Hahahahaha. Then Evelyn would get jealous.

6. They are STILL filming a tv program called numb3rs. geesh. They take so long.

But now i have something to tease them both with. Valerie’s head runs slow. She can’t figure anything about me. What if her best friend is a Vampire?

I dont have anymore good news.

I can’t go watch new moon. That’s on my head now. I’ve told it several times to different people. Im tired. I just do stupid bibliography then…. due monday.

-bad news?


1. I’ve become a texting addict.

2. I dont know how to throw spirals at leyii

3. I still dont get football. How does Andy even live every lunch and nutrition with football,football,football? I hurt leyii’s fingers, by the way. cuz she wont catch “non-spirals” I admit, I’m bad at every sport.LOL


You know, I hate Saturday and Sunday. I can only live it because Jessica is out of my sight.


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