October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012

It’s kind of fun going back here and reading my old posts from 8th grade.  I was so bad.

AJ =[

February 3, 2010

ndrew Jackson lived an interesting life throughout his lifetime.  He was the seventh president of the United States. Jackson survived many obstacles, but he solved them the hard way. He was born into poverty with 2 brothers and one mom. Since he was a kid, he would get into fights usually with the stronger and older children. He still was as rough when he defended his wife and when he took office. During presidency, President Andrew Jackson also forced thousands of Indians down the Trail of Tears and he also mistreated his slaves. Despite all the bad things he did, many people and historians believe that Jackson was a strong president that stood up for his people.

Young Andrew’s life appealed to many people. He was born on March 15, 1776 in Waxhaw, South Carolina. He was raised in the Hermitage after Jackson’s dad( Andrew  Jackson) died a few weeks before Andrew was born while lifting a log.  Then, his mother(Elizabeth Hutchinson) took Andrew and his two brothers to live with their aunt Jane Crawford and Uncle William Crawford. There, Elizabeth worked as a housekeeper. When Andrew was old enough for school, Elizabeth sent him to the Waxhaw Church Academy. He learned to read at the age of five and write by the age of eight. Andrew Jackson was constantly involved in fights especially with older kids. He loved sports more than school work.  In 1779, sixteen-year-old Hugh (Andrew’s brother) and thirteen-year-old Andrew enlisted in the battle of Stone Ferry, where Americans drove the British back to Georgia. They tried to avoid the British by hiding in their cousin Thomas Crawford’s house. There, they were captured as prisoners. Unfortunately, Andrew was told to clean the General’s boots. Because he refused, the British General sliced his hand and forehead in return. Hugh got sliced as well too. They lay in prison for two weeks with infected injuries until their mother came to Camden to rescue them. She offered a prisoner trade. Hugh died on the way home while Andrew gradually recovered. After the surrender at Yorktown, he was notified that his mom had died of Cholera. In 1784, Jackson decided he wanted to become a lawyer after his experience with previous jobs. Later, he went to Salisbury, Tennessee to study law under Spruce McCay. He became a successful lawyer and solved cases that were usually related to land disputes, sales, debts, battery, and assaults. Jackson stayed in the Donelson stockade. He made friends and fell in love with a woman named Rachel Donelson.  They soon married, but they made a divorce later on because her divorce with her other husband wasn’t finalized. In January 1794, they remarried. One day, he put up a fight with a man named Charles Dickinson because he criticized Andrew’s wife. Charles shot first, missing his heart by an inch. Suddenly, Andrew shot back, shooting Dickinson to the ground. Jackson never removed the bullet that was located in his chest. Besides being a president, Andrew Jackson had more jobs: lawyer[1798-1804], House of Representatives[1796-1797], U.S. senator[1797-1798], Governor of Florida Territory[1821], and finally U.S. senator[1823-1825].  Before taking office as president, he became widely known as the Hero of The Battle of New Orleans when he successfully defended the city. Because he was brave and strong, people called him “Old Hickory”. His friends encouraged him to run for president because of his great popularity. He felt that he’s not fit to be president, and he was right. In the election of 1824, he lost to John Quincy Adams. His supporters grew furious and made sure that he would win the presidential election of 1828. In the election of 1828, Andrew Jackson won John Q. Adams by a landslide.

Jackson had two terms: 1829-1837. He was a democratic president and his vice president was John C. Calhoun[1829-1832] for the first term. His vice president was Martin Van Buren[1833-37] during his second term. Jackson played the role of the president awkwardly. He didn’t count on his formal cabinet for advice. Instead, he used a Kitchen Cabinet, which is formed by Jackson’s group of friends and supporters. They would go to the kitchen to discuss certain things. People grew suspicious and accused one of the Kitchen Cabinet advisors a liar. Andrew Jackson took place in the Nullification Crisis when people refused to pay higher taxes. On December 28, 1832, Calhoun demanded that a state has the right to secede from the Union if they are not allowed to avoid taxes. As much as Jackson cared about the states’ and peoples’ rights, he thought that this exceeded the rights granted in the constitution. Being notified about the nullification, Jackson threatened to send thousands of troops down South Carolina to enforce the rule, if he needs to. People wizened up and quickly followed the new tariff rule. On March 2, 1833, South Carolina agreed to sign the Compromise Tariff. There was another problem that Andrew had to solve mercilessly. In 1829, Georgia passed a law which disables Indians to own land and to govern themselves. When the Cherokee protested to the federal government, John H. Eaton told them to go all the way to the west and move out of the United States. Jackson supported the Removal Act of 1830 in which all the Indians in the twenty-four states had to be removed. The Indians had to move west of the Mississippi River, which is now called Oklahoma. Then, the Indians we forced to sign the treaty so the removal can be legalized.  Over the winter of 1838-1839, Indians trudged on the ground barefoot, with no warm blankets or horses to ride on. It is known as the Trail of Tears. Georgia’s fifteen thousand Indians disappeared. During the march to the Indian Territory, a quarter of them died along the way. Now, the twenty-four states were clean of Indians.

Jackson retired as president at the end of his second term. Unluckily, a man named Richard Lawrence shot him on his way home. Jackson survived an assassination attempt at the U.S. Capitol. Still, after Jackson has left office, he was interested in politics. He supported the annexation of Texas and James. K. Polk because he had supported Jackson back when he was president. He had written letters to show his concern of Texas, but he received no reply. When Andrew Jackson reached 78 years, he suffered of consumption, dropsy, and tubercular hemorrhaging. As his friends and family were weeping around his death bed, his old buddy Sam Houston rushed in, but it was too late. Jackson was dead before he was notified that Texas has finally been annexed. His last words were” Oh, do not cry, be good children and we shall meet in heaven. ”. Many Historians believe that Jackson was indeed a good president because he tried to stand up for the poor. Although he accepted slavery and didn’t honor the rights of the Native Americans, he accomplished a lot for the American People in his terms. To me, I think Andrew Jackson was a great president and an ideal role model who built his successful life on his own.

New Moon

November 21, 2009

I shoud be doing my bibliography and learn how to do one. but, I’m going to do “New Moon”


Ive heard it is great. But now I’m jealous. I probably would skip it. But, I can still live,love,learn. New Moon is just entertainment, with fake people in it, machinery, computer, camera, people, story…..JACOB. But, It’s not going to ruin my life, really. I’ve never said I was really obsessed with it. AAANNNDDD. then you people come and say that you’re watching new moon with so and so and someone else comes and says they’re watching new moon at pacific theare with her and her and girl asks emo if he’s gonna watch Twilight and blah and blah and I’m not watching it?!?!?  I feel so sorry for myself. Im stuck at home, writing some five pages that I’m already done with while everyones…… Agh I’m not jealous. Just that I don’t want to hear what other people said about New Moon and spoil how hot Jacob looked like and, guess what: MY TEACHER IS EVEN GOING TO WATCH NEW MOON!! What kind of person am I, this 30 year old dude goes to watch twilight and I’m sitting here…………………………………………………………………………………………. And, New Moon. When i said it would be the best movie ever I mean it. And now I’m not seeing it. No i cant fck my mom for no letting me go at the first place. Well, to be honest with you, I really dont want to go with my friend because she’s going to go with her other mexican friends. And, you know how racist they are. And look who’s not texting me back. And I would write a 5-page article about how I’d skip NewMoon, but, you know, I take only a minute doing this and I’d take an hour to do a whole page when the…………………………………………………………………………………………….

If my grandma goes to watch New Moon too, please kill me.

You know I’m just kidding.

November 21, 2009

Lets start with the good news first.

-i HAVEN’T SEEN JESSICA ALL DAY! Well at least she didn’t bother me. But i managed to stay laughing.

-I have someone else to “bully


i dont know if this is good or bad.

1. Evelyn likes the dude Valerie “hates”

2.Valerie might be liking Luis, the guy that Evelyn likes.

3.Valerie – only “hates” him bcuz he says her hair is pretty and plays with her hair and they see each other every day…

4.Hahahaha. Once i say it, It does sounds like Luis likes Val, doesnt it?

5.Hahahahaha. Then Evelyn would get jealous.

6. They are STILL filming a tv program called numb3rs. geesh. They take so long.

But now i have something to tease them both with. Valerie’s head runs slow. She can’t figure anything about me. What if her best friend is a Vampire?

I dont have anymore good news.

I can’t go watch new moon. That’s on my head now. I’ve told it several times to different people. Im tired. I just do stupid bibliography then…. due monday.

-bad news?


1. I’ve become a texting addict.

2. I dont know how to throw spirals at leyii

3. I still dont get football. How does Andy even live every lunch and nutrition with football,football,football? I hurt leyii’s fingers, by the way. cuz she wont catch “non-spirals” I admit, I’m bad at every sport.LOL


You know, I hate Saturday and Sunday. I can only live it because Jessica is out of my sight.

This just makes me upset.

November 20, 2009

There’s two types of cries. The happy one, and the mad one.

You don’t cry because you’re sad.

But after a while, you forget all the hurt you’ve been through today.

Then they hurt you the next day and you cry.

You don’t cry because you’re all sensitive.

Everyone lets it out .

And people only think they are crying because they’re so happy. No.

It’s because they’re upset.People let it allllll out when they have the chance.

That feel in your throat, the first punch you get when you start sobbing.

That first punch hurts the most. Then when you go home and cry in your bed and feel so much as to rip your pillow in half, you just can’t.



What’s so horrible about my life?


I hate Jessica.

She’s horrid.

She’s same as a puny six-grader getting into a fight with a mature eighth grader.

Omg.Heaven knows she’s 14 years old and she still behaves like “oh, im jealous, so i have the authority to hit you.”

Hey, her punches hurt.

Everything she says makes me feel bad.

Everything i say gets it even worse.

Everytime i hit her it gets worse.

She’s a fat glob of blob. Of course it doesn’t hurt. What are my throws to her?

I’m weak, I’m little. I can’t handle anything.I admit it.

If only she would stop using her fckn hands!

I mean, what could a fat person do? It’s in her genes, to be shorter and waaaaay fatter than me.

Sometimes It’s like she’s not joking.At all.

“Just stop pushing me and I’m ok.”

I consider this bullying. Do i feel suicidal because of this? Yesh. The 13 year old is majorly offended and wants to kill herself.

i dont mind. because, this is already hell to me.

November 18 2009

November 19, 2009

So I gave valerie some really gross questions. Im going to write her more! I want to rreeeeaally go watch new moon. i need to tell my mom. but i dont want to go there with HER! What if she complains about how pg13 it is???  *ahh she really brightens my day. So, the guy i was trying to “stalk” is in Val’s P.E. class. And I Never Knew. Ugh . Well didnt I say that i was going to give up on tracking him down? I know, I’m more than weird. Wooo New Moon,….

So yeah there had been alot of fights going around in this Nightingale M.S. , so freakin dean thought that we might :learn” something from this program called SECOND STEP. Oh how i hate doing second step. Oh yeah, i still need to do my report, haha. Well I got switched to another science class, Mr.Carillo’s 8th grade science, but that was a week ago news,NO.., it wasnt a honors class. But i consider myself smart.

First Period

yes, I’m Going To Write Everything  That happens to Me Like Anne.

But, right now, all i can think of is how itchy my head is. OMG. So Guiterrez showed us a pop-up film, about a sudden rocking shair and a sudden pop-up ghost that screamed and giselle screamed like we were all going to die. We should have listened to it with higher volume. But i had already watched the dam pop up movie. lol. Guiterrez is a cool teacher

Second Period

CARILLO!! He’s a weird teacher. And Karen and Virginia laughed at that. *sigh* all we’re still learning about are interactions and forces, we had a quiz today. o.o And he ate a churro from the trashcan. He gave oscar a dollar for improving his grade so significantly. HAh. He’s funny also. And, yesh, he still owes vanessa chocolate. The whole class is dumb… no doubt.

to be continued after i watch the movie.

Woooooo; i just joined

November 18, 2009

I just joined wordpress when i have an essay due. *just 4 more pages*

who cares; a person needs relaxing time ,ehh ?


*how do you workk this thing??*

what do i do….in this website…


So ive been reading Anne Frank’s Diary and i thought it might be exciting to copy her. but wat war IS this???


I’m sleepy. yes. 9:23 pm. and i call that sleep time.hehe. im weird.

the icecream truck didnt come today…. so i didnt get a chance to buy candy *awww shucks* i can’t live without candy.

oh wait. i forgot to do something  for valerie. i need to write her questions. most of them are “would you rather”

but i’ll make them hard. and i just turned 13. woohoo

and i still need to do the page full of “hard” questions for her. luis,walter,andy… heh. same people.good night

i just love the feeling of holding back that smile evryday. I’d miss valerie when i get to high school.maybe a vampire would come and get me. who knows? p.s i miss 7th grade also.

I should type with capitals. Makes me look smarter. Laugh out Loud.

Hello world!

November 18, 2009

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